We’re founders who invest in early-stage startups and help other founders build successful businesses.

How we help

User experience
We'll help you build an incredible product that users love. Whether it's high level product strategy or the details of a particular user flow, we have you covered. Kat has built consumer, prosumer/SMB, and enterprise products at companies of every size from seed to late-stage startup to public. Her current company, Vareto, has developed a following for being a user-centric, design-first company.
Leveraging data
Every software company does this in some shape or form these days. No matter what you're building, we can help you decide when and what type of data folks to hire, and--if you're doing something that requires it--how to build up a volume of benchmarks or training data. Rapha's company has built an ML-driven API, and he's invested in over a dozen other AI companies. Kat previously led data science and analytics teams.
Having a product that users love is great, but not when the market is too small. Or perhaps the market is huge but you're not sure which part of it to tackle first. What's your wedge? How do you position your product to potential users/buyers? We can help.
Are you in the concept stage and trying to go from rough idea to crystallized startup plan? We've been there, and so have dozens of other startups we've worked with. We're comfortable in the ambiguity of that early stage, and we find it particularly fun too.
Team building
We'll help you think through comp bands and leveling, equity pool size, and team structure. On the recruiting side, we'll share best practices on outreach, interview process, and closing. We can also help you evaluate different recruiting solutions. Rapha's company sells to Talent and HR leaders, and Kat has personally used 20+ different tools, agencies, and contractors.
If you haven't raised a round yet, we'll help you craft your story and give feedback on your pitch deck. We'll then intro you to the best, most relevant investors for your company. If you already have a lead, we can help you fill out your round with strategic angels. We'll also tell you what we're seeing in the market and advise you on when to do your next round and at what terms.
Honest Feedback
We have a trained eye and we believe in direct communication. We'll tell you what your company's strengths and risks are, and give you actionable recommendations. We'll also share anonymized feedback from other investors and users/customers and help you correct any misperceptions.
Moral support
Being a founder is challenging. Even the best startups often hear the word "no" and experience setbacks such as employee turnover and user churn. We get it, and we're always here for you. Text or call anytime.